Want to be a Podcast Guest?

While we don’t intend to have guests on every show we do like the idea of having them to mix things up. If you are interested in joining us and have a great topic in mind please do reach us through the form below.

Podcast Guest Tips

If you are going to fill out the form we HIGHLY suggest you listen to How to be a Guest on a Podcast first. Honestly a good 80-90% of those that fill out the form below miss the mark on selling us on having them as a guest. Let us help you help us!

Podcast Guest Rules

Honestly did you listen or read the write-up?

Podcast Guest Contact:

Well there was a form here! It however is gone. Most people emailed us despite this page, directions, an entire episode about pitching – but they still emailed us.

For 2021 we have WAY more people we want to have on and those that did fill out the form the past few years – we would like to try and find ways to get more of them on. So for now – we are closing the form as we likely have enough requests to fill 2-3 years of episodes.

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