Host: Jim Banks

Jim Banks established one of the first digital marketing agencies focused on paid advertising in 2000.

In 2006 he was the first person to sell a digital agency to a publicly-traded US company.

He went on to sell a performance-based affiliate network in 2009.

Jim is a recognised name in the digital marketing industry and sought-after keynote speaker.

He speaks at industry events around the world, including Pubcon, Retail Global, Facebook & Ecommerce Marketing Live, Marketing Festival, Friends Of Search, Hitpath Masters Conference, a4uexpo, SES, SMX and Affiliate Summit.

Jim is a leading authority on search and performance marketing and has spent in excess of $280 million buying traffic for over 1000 different businesses.

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Jim Banks joins Matt & Dave on a blast to the past where pay per click was only a few pennies, the auction was still new, Larry Page joined product calls and much more from the past 20 years of Pay Per Click.

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