Series: The Business of Digital

From the very first episode til the very most recent you in the right spot if you are looking for The Business of Digital Podcast archives. On average the guys will likely produce 45-50 20ish minute episodes a year so if you have a long trip – we have you covered!

This week Jenny Halasz again joins the show as ways to measure your time, track your time, how to value your time and finally a quiz (and tools) for you are all packed into this one episode. So give a listen and get some great ideas on valuing your own time.

E54 – What is Your Time Worth? Hosts:

The guys give a number of ways that PR can happen and how to ride the PR wave for a long time. From customer service awards to local awards and beyond – get ideas on riding the PR wave.

E52 – How to Ride the PR Wave Hosts:

The guys cover the idea of using and participating in Facebook Groups to help drive business or awareness of your business. Give a listen and hear a number of great examples on how to leverage FB Groups for your business.

E51 – Should Businesses Use Facebook Groups? Hosts:

Dave and Mat dig into some reasons why your business should be doing at least some blogging. They dig into some reasons why you should blog, some ideas on what to blog about and much more.

E48 – Why a Business Should Blog Hosts:

Listen to hear examples of what went wrong, ways to monitor your brand/employees/future hires, and what to think about for your own Social Media Policy. So if you want some ideas on how to prevent your own reputation nightmare or want some ideas on how to setup a social media policy for your company be sure to listen this week!

E47 – How Your Brand Can Reduce the Risk of Reputation Nightmares w/ Simon Heseltine Hosts: