How to Sell Your Project to Leadership

No matter the size of the company you are at or if you are agency/in-house you likely have seen it happen or had it happen to you – projects just don’t launch. Companies often have one or maybe a few goals but how they get there is in constant flux. Sometimes people and priorities change, sometimes budgets and resources get shifted and sometimes HR/Lawyers get wind of what you are doing and squash your project like a bug (that always hurts!).

The entire presentation/training that Dave often gives is 10 sections and takes 60-90 minutes to cover. For today we picked a few of the sections and really focused in on the selling of a project and how to make sure you avoid people cancel it in the home stretch.

1. Internal Audit

Understand your resources, tools, weaknesses and skills compared to what you need to complete your project.

2. Teams Involved

Matt digs into some examples including one for a well known large company that was just short of the finish line but HR/Lawyers found out and put an end to the project. At the 11th hour the project came to a halt of course. Matt gives a great example of why SEO and PPC should talk about projects and coordinate or problems will happen.

3. Stakeholders

Make sure that you always include everyone and think beyond the immediate people involved. Thinking beyond immediate people you can insure that additional levels are aware and included at some level.

4. Align Goals

Ask all of the stakeholders what their metrics and goals are for the month/quarter/year. Then figure out how your campaign or project can impact those metrics and help them meet those goals.

Of the entire presentation that Dave gives this is only the first 40%! We will cover the rest or at least more of the presentation in the future. If you are interested in hearing this training in person just let Dave know.

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