Its 2019, Do All Businesses and Influencers Need Websites?

So you don’t need a website eh? We imagine that you likely fall into one of these reasons why you think you don’t need a website.

  • I have a listing on Facebook so I don’t need a website.
  • I already claimed my Google My Business listing so I don’t need a website.
  • I already have a big following on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook/YouTube/Etc. so I don’t need a website.
  • I already have a store on Amazon/Etsy/Ebay so I don’t need a website.
  • I don’t sell anything, I am an influencer so I don’t need a website.

We dig into a number of reasons why all those “excuses” or ways of thinking are wrong. Here are some quotes from a Twitter thread that all say why you need to think past just your social profiles and establish your own base on a website.

Ann Handley – BECAUSE EMAIL. For the love of Pete, people. Don’t outsource your connections! Or your data! (Or anything important in life, if I’m keeping it real.)*

Christopher Penn – Never build on rented land.

Rand Fishkin – Building a career as an influencer? I cannot recommend enough that you create a website & an opt-in email list. Take those photos+posts from IG & put them up as blog posts. Just a bit more work and you’ll protect yourself from IG’s inevitable downgrading of “organic reach”

Udemy Example

In the episode Dave mentions an example that talks about Udemy and selling courses on it – or at least not relying 100% on it. If recent changes to Instagram, ongoing changes on YouTube and the almost no organic reach of Facebook still haven’t convinced you, give a read to Krystal’s story.


Do you ever apply for jobs?

Even if you don’t own and run a business think of a website as just another resume. Or a way to get what you want in front of someone searching for you that YOU want them to see.

If nothing else – set up a single page resume site or have a free WordPress site.

Do you have a podcast?

Again, don’t rely on just the podcast hosting sites that create a profile for you. Go beyond that and create a website and really build out your presence online. If you missed it or have questions on podcast hosting do check out that episode too.

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