How to Battle Misinformation in the Classroom

Matt’s Godaddy Rant is another name for this episode. There were actually others we either mentioned on the show or kicked around previously. The name we went with (well, Dave picked it honestly) is a play on us misspeaking and saying disinformation instead of misinformation but in some cases they may both be correct.

Per we can breakdown both words:

  • Disinformation: deliberately misleading or biased information; manipulated narrative or facts; propaganda.
  • Misinformation: false information that is spread, regardless of whether there is intent to mislead.

Also before we get started digging into the summary, here are the two resources Matt highlighted at the beginning of the episode.

Lastly, for those that don’t wish to follow the link at the bottom, here is the content in the Tweet that started it all (the photo above is also from the Tweet):

We also want to make it known that we know there are TONS of teachers, mentors, professors and others out there doing good and great work. The point of this episode was to focus more on those few that are either spreading bad advice knowingly or are in a position as some type of instructor that is not even trying to keep up with things.

And while we pick on certain people, statements or solutions, we also encourage you to test, validate, verify, try, read about elsewhere the things we tell you to do. “Best Practices” often isn’t the best thing for you and should be tested for your own business, site, business model, stomach for risk, budget, social network, country, and industry among many other variations.

In the end the main thing we want to stress is that take all things with a grain of salt, learn whom to trust and be sure to test things and ask questions.

Oh and for those that are DYING to know about this Meg or Peg and the Cat. Here you go:

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