Signs That it is Time to Refresh Your Marketing Campaigns

Every holiday and thus every month we all likely hear or see some advert that is promoting something from the past. It might be a concert that happened a few days ago, some sale that ended last weekend, an offer that was sent out last year and someone ran it again and didn’t tell anyone. These things happen and so do accidents. The goal though is to try and limit the times you waste your ad budget or worse, you upset your customers and prospects.

Here is Mat’s tweet (as shown above):

I feel like all the ads I’m seeing telling me how I can spend my “tax refund” are just trolling me. Pouring salt in the wound. Yea like imma have a refund.

Examples of Campaigns That Need Refreshing

As we got to talking we both realized just how many ads and overall marketing campaigns we have heard or seen recently that were great examples.

  • Tax refunds
  • Promoting Concerts days/weeks/months later
  • Radio(Spotify) ad promoting past events
  • Does the product, social, marketing, PR, and other teams talk to each other?
  • Changing URLs for yearly events each year

How to prevent your campaigns from going stale

During the podcast we cover a ton of examples and ideas that you can implement and here are just some of them:

  • Use URLs that don’t mention dates or years
  • Don’t just update the year, look at the content and links
  • Yearly holiday campaigns – really validate all of the content
  • Double check landing pages – are they still active and/or relevant
  • Update images and offers at least slightly each year
  • Create a checklist for end of life for projects and campaigns
  • Set calendar reminders or alert
  • Add a final task to a campaign or project in your project management system

If you get nothing else from this episode, remember that here in the US tax day is April 15th!

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