Ad Targeting & Paid Audience Data For SEO Personas

So the title is a mess of things and hopefully covers really what we talked about, or is as close as we could get! Once a year or so we both are in the same place, have time, and record a few episodes together. This is one of those rare episodes!

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* 1st Screenshot – This is the screenshot that was mentioned about the audience data from Facebook.

So what paid tools can you leverage (at least to start with?):

What can you use the data for? You can certainly use it for SEO campaigns but also Product Marketing and Product Features.

  • Content Marketing
  • Targeting complementary audiences
  • Expanding your audiences
  • Expand upon or improve your Personas
  • Content ideation
  • Look for uses or ways to help answer questions with your product/content with new audiences
  • Product Marketing and Product Ideas

Think of the two examples given – suitcases with batteries/chargers for phones. The other was coolers that also have power sources to fuel phones while out camping, support lights or have radios and speakers integrated so you have one less thing to carry.

* 2nd Screenshot – this is an audience screenshot from the Twitter example that was mentioned during the show.

The goal for a marketer is to get in front of people and solve problems. Using the audience and interest data is a great way to dig into problems and possible
product uses (or features) that you can leverage to help people but also your sales.

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