Episode 87 – SEO is Dead. X is Dead. Long live X!

Worldwide Email Users from 2017 to 2022Last year we talked about Link Building is NOT Dead and this episode is more about how you need to not just follow the hive mind thinking and best practices. Nothing dies, it just evolves as should your tactics and ways of using SEO, PPC, Email, Display, Landing Pages, Images, Infographics, Data, Metrics, etc…

Here is a (mostly) verbatim account of Mat’s original idea for this episode:

Stop listening to people that say “X” is gonna die. New episode idea. Basically, I was told over 6 years ago infographics were dead. I grew a company for many years where our primary offering was infographics. We could even talk about the SEO is dead crap, but just was thinking about that this morning.

So what types of things are we talking about? When you see someone say “X is Dead” it likely is just clickbait. What they really mean is that X has changed and evolved. If something DOESN’T evolves then it really will die.

  • SEO is Dead
  • Email is Dead
  • Do this one Best Practice
  • Facebook is Dead
  • Google Says X
  • Google Says Dont Do X
  • Image Search
  • Voice Search

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If nothing else – take a “best practice” guide with a grain of salt, read it, test it, adapt it for your company/project/budget. Instead of dwelling on the negative impact of change, look at how you can leverage it. Did Google or Bing change things? What can you do to leverage it to eclipse what you were doing prior.

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