Episode 86 – Competitive Research Beyond Just Keywords

This episode the guys have guest Aaron Friedman of SimilarWeb joining the dig into Competitive Research. The goal of the episode was to dig into ways and data points beyond just pulling some competitive keyword data and calling it a day. By the end, we did circle back and prove Dave wrong and cover/includes keywords but overall the idea of themes, topics, personas, categories, audiences should be looking at and not just get bogged down in just keywords.

If you get nothing else from the conversation, look at themes. Themes in keywords. Themes in sites your own ad teams and competitor advertise on. Where people sponsor and the themes or audiences. Keep going higher in the audiences and themes to help you find where to get links, traffic, content to create and in general to help guide your own marketing.

Competititve Data Beyond Keywords

  • Solve problems. Mat digs into HVAC and hail damage. Think about why people may be looking and help solve their problems.
  • New product or category. What happens if your product or services is brand new? There are no keywords. You need to really think about why they would need or search for what you offer.
  • Fidget spinners and topics or emerging topics that you didn’t know existed. How and where can you monitor these types of things?
  • URL Data and Campaign data – what offers and promotions are people running?

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Where to Find Competitive Data

  • Social Networks – FB, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
  • Advertising Network Audiences – FB, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Look beyond single keywords, group them. What themes or topics stick out? What are you missing?
  • Combine prospect interests to create content – use ad and display placement data to spark ideas and creative ideas for content.

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