How to Work Together – Pay Per Click & Search Engine Optimization

Do you have one person, team, agency or consultant that handles your SEO and another that handles your PPC? Maybe you do one and outsource just the other? Or maybe you have two internal people do it but they rarely talk and share what is working/not working (- if this is true we suggest listening to How to Grow a Digital Marketing Team). That all needs to change and this episode digs into some ways to make that happen (and why it should be a priority).

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Teams to Integrate

Depending on the size of your company and team some of these “teams” might just be tasks so change things according to your own setup. Depending on the campaign and project scope you might not need to meet with all of the following people but they all can help you in some way no matter if you are the SEO or PPC person. While we mostly focus on SEO & PPC in the episode there are MANY teams and people that you should also work closely with.

  • Organic Social Media Person – Can use share converting pages but also learn what content or headlines do well.
  • SEO Person – can pass along what pages convert organic traffic and what keywords have lots of impressions (via Google Search Console)
  • Paid Search Person – can share conversion and impression data
  • Paid Social Person – can share what headlines and personas are converting
  • Designers and Creative Person – can help create new landing pages, hero shot graphics or ads
  • Copywriter(s) – can help update or craft new headlines and copy
  • IT, Developer, Technical Person(s) – can help speed up pages for better conversions or implement new pages
  • PR & Outreach Person(s) – can relay back where you are getting placements
  • Analytics & Data Person(s) – can dig into all the data from all the traffic to pass along to you

What Ways are SEO and PPC the Same?

Not only does your Keyword Research often help one team but the other team can use it as well. We also recommend Unique Ways to Do Keyword Research to help all teams involved.

  • PPC Headline = SEO Page Title>
  • Google Ad & Bing Ad Description = SEO Meta Description
  • PPC Keywords = SEO Keywords
  • Conversion Data and Pages
  • Converting Traffic Devices (Mobile, Tablet, Desktop)
  • Traffic Location

Questions to ask!

There are so many someone can ask but to get you started – What SEO Pages do people visit and on what devices? Do we target those visitors with ads and remarketing on the same type of device that they visited the site? How do we measure offline conversions? Should we go after keyword X with SEO? Why not use PPC to test that keyword(s)?

Tools, Resources & Tips for combining SEO & PPC

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