What is Amazon SEO and Amazon Advertising?

With the help of guest Ginny Marvin, the episode digs into a number of ways that your company can leverage the many ways to advertise on Amazon. Just a few years ago Amazon was just a growing retailer but has quickly become a huge marketplace and growing ad platform as well. As always we cover a ton during the episode and this write up likely misses a good amount, but highlights much of the main topics and resources for you.

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Paid Advertising Options on Amazon

It is estimated to now be the third-largest ad seller in the U.S. behind Google and Facebook with 4% market share (keep the over-hype in check). Long gone are the clunky UI and backend setup for Amazon but it still has a ways to go to catch up to the Google and Facebooks.

  • Sponsored Products (CPC based)
  • Sponsored Brands (CPC based)
  • Stores (Free) – For smaller brands and sellers to showcase their wares, Amazon launched Storefronts in September 2018

Amazon Sponsored Products
There are more coming, these are typically targeting single keyword searches.

Amazon Sponsored Brands
Look for the banners at the top of search results or on the right side for the desktop.

Amazon Stores
Getting started? Look at Amazon Stores as a platform option but do know that there is some work to get going and manage it. As with everything be strategic and don’t go into Amazon (or any new market/platform) lightly.

Amazon SEO

Below is a list of some things that can impact your Amazon SEO and further down the page are some really deep dives into Amazon SEO. Look at your product description, your competitors and look for ways to better set yourself up for success.

  • Videos
  • Product Images
  • Reviews
  • Availability
  • Sales Performance
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • Constant Sales
  • Optimized Content & Titles
  • Answer Questions that people ask

Amazon Reviews & Your Brand

They matter for showing up, for getting shoppers to be buyers, and much more. The team digs into reviews and how they impact you on Amazon and beyond.

Amazon Consulting Scams – Be wary of promises and pitfalls

Just like anything, there are good and bad people out there looking to “help”. Do your research. Plan. Know that while some may “get rich quick” or say they sell X, the end result of operating on the Amazon Platform for you and many others may be different.

Amazon SEO & Advertising Resources

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