E81 – The Digital Marketing Checklist for 2019 & Beyond

The Digital Marketing Checklist: 48 Things You Should Be Doing But Probably Aren’t

In this episode, we explore and highlight some of the 48 items on Ian Lurie’s list that he created in late 2018. This list would have been a great list in 2017 and will likely be a great list even in 2021. So be sure to go see the full Digital Marketing Checklist that Ian put together.

Basic Marketing Items

  • #2 Is page speed a factor? Our answer – it doesn’t really matter if it is or isn’t. Every millisecond it takes for your page to load your conversion rate goes down.
  • #1 Compress Your Images! Look at the item above, big images slow pages. Mat suggests looking at Smush if you are on WordPress.
  • #11 Internal Resources for Content – listen to your CS and Sales teams. What do people call things? Do you only answer questions on the FAQ page? Why not on other pages?
  • #6 Meta Descriptions – Does your HP’s Meta Description say “Home”? Please review your Meta Descriptions! It is 2019, describe the page!

Intermediate Marketing Items

  • #21 Install Google Tag Manager – there are other tag managers as well (Tealium among others for example). No matter what CMS you are on, install something to help manage tracking pixels.
  • #8 Spell Check Your Site – Use Grammarly, hire and editor or do something to check your content.
  • #33 Content Ideas – find some older pages that drive traffic or maybe some pages that have lost favor and update them. Every quarter take a look at any content older than 1,2,5+ years and review and update where needed.
  • #27 Setup and Use Bing Webmaster – it is free, why wouldn’t you?

Advanced Marketing Items

  • #43 Review Email List – look at cleaning it up but also look at how or where you are growing your email list.
  • #48 Make Your Own List – this podcast and even Ian’s list is not the end all be all list of things to do. Make your own weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, project, whatever list.
  • #49 Schedule 30 Minutes a Week for Diving into Data – set aside some time to dig into your Web Analytics or Google Search Console or Log Files or Bing Webmaster. Ask a question and spend 30 minutes trying to answer the question. You will learn amazing things.


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