Topic: When Should a Small Business Hire Interns?

Mat and Dave discuss who and when to hire as your first intern. Mat talks about Avalaunch’s first intern and walks through what they are doing and gives some ideas for how best to get the most out of someone while helping them figure out what they want to do in the years to come. Dave talks about his past which includes working on something of a project based approach with someone right out of college and how they too can help you with your business. No matter what your business is there are skills that you may not have and interns could be a solution. Reach out to your local High School(s) and College(s) and see if you can find a good match for you and your company. And remember – if you hire an intern to help with Social Media do work with them and don’t just hand over the keys (to them or anyone!).

Notice: We stress that you talk to your lawyer or person in charge of Human Resource and investigate your local/state laws.

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