2019 Digital Marketing Predictions

Yes, we went there and this was 100% Dave’s idea so yell at him if needed! The guys dig into a number of topics and give a number of examples beyond what is here so do give the show a listen.

Social Media

  • MS – usefulness and teaching more front and center in Social content. Mat references Photo Pils and their Instagram stories where they take you step by step on how to do things with their app.
  • DR – an overlap with SEO and Social content where less is more and more quality over quantity. Give demos of products, walkthroughs or behind the scenes or make more engaging/educational content.

What you need to do is create content that solves a problem – content that moves, motivates, and connects with people, said Matt Siltala, president of Avalaunch Media.


  • MS – if nothing else, focus on content that answers questions and solves a problem. Mat states that this isn’t some groundbreaking prediction but still thinks people don’t do this enough and hopes that people will make more content in 2019 do this. Mat also brings up offline and online – content promotion doesn’t just have to live online. Look offline for ways to promote content.
  • DR – Mobile? Video? 2019 is the year of….. Think back before the internet. Businesses wouldn’t just create content because it was a Monday or a Thursday or the 12th of a month. Have a purpose with the content you are creating. Start with a purpose, make your content team/people put more focus on the purpose and not just creating content.

Do you sense a theme or pattern yet?

WordPress, Angular/JS & CMS

  • MS – business as usual for most companies but look for more people to embrace Gutenberg and the new WordPress.
  • DR – thinks it will be hard to see large enterprises making the first move to Gutenberg without more testing and time. Google also recently came out with a plugin for WordPress which is interesting on many levels. Wix, Squarespace and the similar still are easier and don’t require graphic designers, developers or just technical know-how.

Paid Search i.e. SEM i.e. PPC

  • MS – In 2019, marketers should make a push for clients to go beyond just Google Ads.
  • DR – Paid can mean many things. It isn’t just Google Ads (AdWords) or Google AdWords and Bing Ads. There is also more and more automation, especially for Google Ads. How far will Google (and others) push automation and AI in bidding and overall management? Likely more but how much?

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