Episode 74 – How to do Live Video Correctly

Want to see Mat during the first few minutes of this episode? Hop over to his Instagram and watch if you want – https://www.instagram.com/stories/highlights/17965670071141663/.

“Grouchy” Greg Finn and Cypress North put out a great live video on Instagram and Mat recommend checking out PhotoPills and Richie Norton for additional examples of people doing a great job of Live Video.

So this episode isn’t a technical “how to” (we will have to do one in the future) the episode does dig into some steps you should take when recording your video.

  • Get to the point
  • Good wifi and connection
  • Have a direction or goal
  • Balance the spontaneous with organization
  • Be informational, motivational or give people a reason to tune in
  • Think of how you can reuse the content
  • If you are scared, ease in with just a phone or something basic and then take learnings and improve

Is there anything we missed? Let us know in the comments! And if you dive into live videos do let us know and ping us on Instagram or Twitter so we can check them out.

Episode 74 Mentioned Tools & Resources

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