Mental Health, Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing

Mat leads the conversation in this episode and the guys try and offer some ideas on how to care for yourself and others that are close to you. As always, this is only a 20-minute podcast so we can only cover what we know and what works for us. Hopefully the ideas and tips we suggest during the show help you.

Neither of the guys is a doctor and we encourage all people to seek out professionals as needed.

Some of the ideas and tips we dig into include:

  • Meetups and Conferences – get out and talk to or see people
  • Build a Network – build some friends that you can reach out to that understand what you do and go through (beyond family and non industry friends)
  • Seek out people and get out of the house
  • Get professional help if needed
  • Create your own mastermind group or 1 on 1 meeting
  • Tips on things to do prior to taking a break from Social Media

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