SEO Horror Stories of 2018

This not so original idea for an episode is 100% Dave’s fault – just getting that out there (and note he is the one that writes most of these summaries!). So while we know there have likely been MANY other horror stories we tried to cover as many as we could in ~20 minutes.

So if you are curious some of the horror stories we cover, here you go:

  • Letting domains drop – keep your domain registered and up to date!
  • Not trusting your in-house team or even the consultant that are the “experts”
  • Keeping your technical people updated with access and aware of changes.
  • Don’t create content for the sake of it – written, visual (infographics) or any type!
  • Thinking short term and avoiding pain today and making a ton of work tomorrow
  • QA everything that goes live after a migration. Did you push the robots.txt to Prod from QA/Test/Staging?
  • Audit your site and QA after migrations. Did we mention doing QA?

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