Tips to Leveraging Conference Learnings After a Conference

After you attend a conference your next day and week back in the office is usually a bit chaotic. This episode digs into how to make sure you are able to process all of those learnings and get them worked into your daily workflow.

One of the basic but most important tips is from Mat:

What can I do that is going to make me money?

Hopefully, you were able to pick up at least one or two nuggets from each speaker. Take all of those nuggets back to the office and share with your business partners, the people that own or work on different on something or anyone that it can help. Mat often will text or email people right during that session when something hits him. The goal is to get things going and the improvement (i.e. ROI of the conference) happening as soon as you can.

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Episode 71 Mentioned Tools & Resources

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