What Instagram Metrics Matter Anyways?

This is what happens when Mat gets a “cold call” email – we get a great topic idea. So to the person that sent Mat the email, we thank you!
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The email explains some things that Mat could do better and the guys not only discuss each item but go into some ideas on how to do the opposite. We might have been in a “mood” when we recorded.

So what metrics matter? Not to use an SEO answer but “it depends”. From followers to loves to views to hashtags the guys dig into how to gauge how you are doing. If you want to know any of the following we suggest you give a listen:

  • How many followers should my Instagram account have?
  • What engagement rate should my Instagram profile have?
  • How many likes per Instagram post should I try and get?
  • How often should I post on my Instagram account?
  • Should I post more or less in Instagram stories?
  • What days should I post on Instagram?

So if any of these questions get your attention we suggest you give a listen to the podcast.

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