Common Digital Marketing Questions – Volume 1

This week’s episode is the brainchild of Mr. Mat. It seems that in recent weeks he started to write down all of the questions he got around Digital Marketing. While we often cover just one topic a show we thought we would try and change it up a bit and cover as many popular questions as we could, as “quickly” as we could.

  • What social media channels should I be on?
  • What is Local SEO/Local Marketing?
  • How Often Should I Post?
  • How Much Content Should I be Producing?

As you can see we got through 4 (really 3 but we basically answer the 4th too). Mat had a solid 10+ questions so we likely will try and extend that list in the future and do this again but try and cover more in a single show. If you are curious to see the quick highlights for each of the question, here you go:

  • What social media channels should I be on? While the answer sadly is always “it depends”, Mat digs into some examples and gives some guidance. Dave covers a quick way to do a competitive social audit to help you perhaps narrow the list of platforms down and create a focus. In the past, we also covered this topic directly and indirectly at What Social Network Should My Business Be On? W/ Guest Simon Heseltine and Social Media Customer Service
  • What is Local SEO/Local Marketing? While broad, it is anything you can do to get people to know where you are in a general geographic area. This can include getting a local listing/citations around that geo-specific area. Think of your county, town or X miles from your business – the goal is to market to them first and thus look for links and ways to target people there. Some past shows where we touch on this topic are Personal Use of Social Media vs Business Use and if you are thinking about finding local Facebook groups, we have you covered.
  • How Often Should I Post? The guys agree there is no magic number. Think about your business and what might make sense for you. If you are a restaurant with daily deals, perhaps you should post something daily on various social channels. If you are thinking about posting on your website – Mat stresses quality over quantity. Only post content that has value to a prospect or customer.
  • How Much Content Should I be Producing? Mat points out that the previous question is very similar and our answer basically covers it. For those that don’t actually listen (and you should), the answer is it depends. The other answer is to go with quality over quantity.

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