Lessons in Creating Business Marketing Videos w/ Amanda Doyle

Amanda Doyle, Growth Manager for Avalaunch Media (yes, Mat’s company) joins the show to talk about some lessons learned in creating an internal video project this past year. She gives some great insights into the process from start to finish that you can use for your next visual (or written) project.

  1. Goals and purpose. To keep your video or larger creative project.
  2. There are many paths you can take but for this project, Amanda had a set idea but needed everyone’s help for the details. When you are working on a project like this there will be battles on who to include, when to include them and how to keep the focus while not allowing too many teams/cooks to really change what the project is. Amanda suggests keeping the initial groups small, perhaps 3 or so people.
  3. Shelflife – no matter how great the video is there will come a time when you need to refresh or replace it.
  4. Learn from older projects and apply that and other new learnings on future projects. One of the big learnings Amanda digs into is the length of the video. She drops some stats around the spike in completion rate for the new video versus the old one.
  5. Retro design is popular design style in 2018 for video and beyond. Keeping with the retro feel, can you recall a music video (or two) from some years ago that looked like this?

  6. Targeting – from the beginning, you should figure out your audience market and make that the focus from the start. Amanda talks about 4 audiences they were going to target with this video.
    • Retarget and Re-engage People
    • Looked at Competitors in Specific Regions
    • In-Market Audience (people looking for digital marketing)
    • Custom Intent

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