Data Driven Content Marketing Audit Pubcon Session Preview

This session will look at how to audit your content marketing strategy with data you have in hand. Dave’s content marketing session will happen RIGHT after Mat’s visual content marketing session. So if you are attending Pubcon Pro be sure to check out Mat’s session right after the opening keynote and then Dave’s session right after that in Salon E!

Besides Dave, there are two other awesome speakers:

There will be a ton of tools discussed. Ahrefs, Majestic, SEMRush, Google Analytics, Buzzsumo, Google Search Console and more. Many of the tools listed in this episode and in the upcoming conference session will focus on internal audit but some can and often are used for Competitive Analysis/Competitive Content Audits.

Even if you aren’t attending Pubcon or Dave’s session this episode gives you some ideas on tools, reporting, data points to look at and ways to leverage data to sway decision makers. So give a listen and hopefully, we will spur some ideas to help you.

Episode 66 Mentioned Tools & Resources

E66 – Data Driven Content Marketing Audit (Pubcon Pro 2018) Hosts:

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