Web Analytic Basics For Every Business

In this episode, the guys dig into 5 free and simple things you can do to get more data about your website and digital audience.

  1. GSC – Google Search Console. – get error info, know when your site has been hacked and get insights into what keywords are driving traffic to your site (and much more).
  2. Bing Webmaster. – similar to Google Search Console but from Bing. A free tool to help you monitor the health of your site.
  3. GA – Google Analytics. – Free tool to help you understand who and how people are using your website.
  4. Google My Business. – A great resource for local data. Make sure you claim yours!
  5. Facebook Tracking Pixel. – Learn about your audience in ways you can’t otherwise (without spending lots of money)/

Now, as far as links and resources we have a good amount for you this week. We did talk about Google Tag Manager and while there are other options out there – we really need a full show on it (and options). So for now, check out the resources and links below on Google Tag manager and the other tools we talked about.

Episode 65 Mentioned Tools & Resources

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