Episode 64 – Visual and Video Content Marketing (Pubcon Pro 2018)

Casie Gillette joins the guys to dig into Visual Content and take you beyond their upcoming Pubcon Pro session taking place in October 2018. Not on the podcast is Kathleen Bodenlos, Director of Marketing, Carnegie Museum of Natural History but she will most certainly be there with Mat and Casie in Pubcon.

For a quick primer on what the full session description is:

Learn how to use visual content to grow your brand, community, and online presence, which will, in turn, help everything else you want to do, such as SEO. We will look at how content markers can create visual content without large budgets or resources. When thinking about content, we usually refer to blog posts, whitepapers, main site content, etc., but there are so many other things you can do. There are some fantastic tools that can help content marketers spice up what they are doing both from an image and video perspective (data images, gifs, facebook video, etc.).

If you are thinking of going beyond written content or looking for ways to better produce visual content this session and episode should help you get some ideas. Casie brings her extensive B2B background and client examples to the show and conference session.

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