How Can You Market a Service Business on a Budget?

This week the guys dig into a frequently asked question they have gotten over the years. Mat takes the lead and starts with those that have an example budget of $300 a month to market your Consulting Service, Podcast, Life Coach, Organization Consultant, Business Coach, Car Detailing or Business Consulting business. These are just some examples but there are many other “service” businesses that people do as a side hustle or as a full-time job.

One of the early questions you will need to answer before anything else – what is your USP? USP = Unique Selling Position. Creating a site, a logo, and everything else should wait until you have that says Mat.

There are a number of examples covered in the episode – the HVAC business that used Facebook groups to promote their business and others that just create content for social media and then use paid social to promote it.

Here at the Podcast, we do pretty much all the things that we are suggesting in this episode. Dave breaks down what the guys do with their limited marketing budget and how the guys keep things simple.

Lastly, Mat brings up the topic of Google Adwords Express and oh man. That is its own episode but the short version is that the guys (Dave especially), isn’t a big fan.

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