Ways any Business Can Measure Paid Search & Social Offline

Damon Gochneaur joins this week to talk about his experience with not only single location businesses but large multi-location businesses and what they both can do to measure online spend offline. The guys talk beacons, Power BI, Domo and a good amount about Google My Business and the wealth of data sitting in there just waiting for you to take it.

For a recent project, Damon even talks about his Denton Diablos and how the most important tracking code he could put on his site was a Facebook pixel to get audience data. There may also be a rant or section where the importance of call tracking and custom URLs are discussed – the more you can track the better!

So if you are interested in how and ways to measure offline conversions from your social ads and search ads – this is the episode for you. If you are on the larger size of say 30+ locations and spend $50,000 or more a month with Google we have some good news. If you are smaller we have some workarounds so don’t worry, we have you covered by the end of the show too.

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