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You often hear that you need a content plan or content calendar but what it looks like, how it works, and what works for your team/company likely will be different than what works for others. Every company has different hurdles and issues for pushing content and social updates live so why would someone think that a single type of calendar would work for everyone?

That is where we did some digging thanks to Ian’s team content calendar post spurred the idea.

Excel. Or a Google Sheet like what we use for this very podcast. In the simplest form, it is just a shared document with a list of 100 ideas and all of the shows we have already recorded. Sure we have the next 5-10 planned out but we often move things around, push things out and take advantage of when guests can join us (or when inspiration hits for something different!).

Rigid or flexible? What works for your company and what allows you to push ahead even when resources, projects or budget change but your calendar and goals don’t?

Here are some additional resources and content calendar examples for you to dig into:

Social Media & Promotion Calendar Example

Another example is the social and promotion calendar that is very high level but gives you an idea of yet another example to dig into. The goal of the promotion calendar was to demonstrate how a brewery or a restaurant could approach promoting an event via social channels, blog, email, and so on. You can easily replace any of the items or the goal but it gives you a quick outline so that each day you know what you are doing. It also gives you an idea of what to schedule ahead or to help other team members understand when everything is happening.

What is your approach?

Let us know in the comments or on Twitter how you approach your content calendar and promotion calendar!

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