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Whether you an agency pitching new business, an in-house marketer pitching your project to a boss/CEO or if you are pitching your business idea to VCs it is likely you will create a pitch deck at some point. As a marketer and especially as an SEO you spend as much of your time trying to get budget and projects approved as you do actually working on those projects.

So when would someone possibly need a pitch deck? There are many reasons and here are just a few of the examples that we cover or mention in the episode.

  • Monthly Reports
  • Quarterly Business Review (In-House & Agencies)
  • Meetings with VCs
  • Internal Project Reviews
  • Pitching New Business

If you didn’t catch our Death by Powerpoint episode we highly suggest you check it out. A pitch deck is a type of presentation but with the goal of getting a “yes” or “approval”. So give a listen for some tips and pitch deck best practices and be sure to check out the THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY OF PITCH DECKS blog post.

Things to DO in Pitch Decks

While we cover a number of things in the episode here are just a few of the main things we recommend you do to achieve a great pitch deck.

  • Audience – think about who you are pitching and what they care about/what their goals are.
  • Fonts – don’t go crazy with custom and one of a kind fonts. Think about what fonts may be included on the device you are presenting from if it will not be yours.
  • Visual Space & Flow – try and keep each slide to one idea/goal. Go easy on the text!

Things to NOT DO in Pitch Decks

On the other side of, course are some things you want to avoid. These items can derail your pitch deck and presentation and we HIGHLY suggest you avoid them or think about when to use them.

  • Animations & Video for no reason
  • Use old and dated layout
  • Visual Space & Flow – 25 bullet points and an essay on a single slide will not win anyone over.
  • No common colors, style and overall appears to be hodgepodged by multiple people


As far as the “SlideStorms” that we talked about during the show, here are two examples from Marcus Tandler that you can dig into.

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