What is Best Practice for Posting on Holidays?

The TL;DR Version – It Depends. As Mat says during the show, what you do and how you handle each holiday will DEPEND.

Every month and quarter there is at least one holiday that can impact a business’ normal hours, operations and sales. Depending on your business you may have to think about one or more physical locations, multiple social media accounts and of course your website. Even on holidays, you need to make sure customers and prospects are taken care of and that keeps getting harder.

So give a listen to the show and get a number of examples and ideas on how you can best serve your customers/prospects on holidays even if you are closed. As far as blogging and promoting content, the show covers that too!

Here are two quick resources for lists of holidays:

E56 – How Should a Business Handle Holidays (Blogging & Social Media) Hosts:

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