Is There Value in Twitter Chats?

Twitter often gets a bad rap these days (sometimes it deserves it and other times maybe not so much). There is however one great thing about it even some 10+ years later, people from all over the world can connect. This ability to connect at anytime allows for Twitter Chats. If you haven’t ever participated in one or just followed one we recommend you do it.

To get started check out any of these hashtags: #ppcchat #semrushchat #blogchat #B2BChat

From some great reasons to join or follow, some tips on starting your own and a number of resources (see below) on how to find one relevant to you – Twitter Chats can be a great way to learn more about just about any topic. If you are stuck on a Google AdWords issue and the forums just haven’t helped – check out #ppcchat. Have an SEO related question? There are multiple Twitter Chats for you. Want to up your Blogging game, there is most certainly one or more options for you.

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