What is Your Time Worth? Time is Money!

In this episode we were again happy to have Jenny join in on the discussion around managing time and getting your worth. As we winded through the episode we hopped around the topic of time management, all the ways that agencies and consultants bill, and different ways to calculate your “hourly worth”. In the end some things are easy to quantify but others like the time on Social Media (see Facebook Groups & Forums) and attending conferences (What is the Long Term Value of Networking (Events)) were great topics to also try and tackle.

Dave also dug into how and why even in-house people really should look to use time tracking solutions (and if you are a consultant or an agency you have NO reason not too).

Lastly Mat brings it home with – what is most important to you? When you go and calculate your own worth remember to think about your other passions, family, friends, clients, money, bosses and anything else that may be worth spending time on.

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