How to Take Advantage of a PR Wave

PR can come in many forms and the guys dig into some ways to take advantage of it in some manner. One big story and example that they dig into is “Kiss Guy” and how he got called up on stage and rocked it for Foo Fighters. He ended up getting tons of press and used it to create a YouTube channel and promote his own playing without being salesy. There are a number of things he did with his instant PR that you can learn from.

Best Place to Work or other awards you win like the Stevies you want to use it everywhere – ride that PR wave! From job listings to conversion pages use that logo and award. PR and awards can come in lots of forms. It can be “As seen on TV” or if you are voted by a local paper to be the best X. These are all PR waves that you can ride.

A great example of using awards and logos as we discussed is Verve Search. The image below was taken directly from their homepage (June 2018) and is a great example of using awards and PR long after it happens.

Later in the episode the guys touch on News Jacking again, we did an episode so if you need a refresher – go have a listen.

Note that in the video Mr. David Grohl does curse a bit, not a ton but should you decide to play this over speakers we wanted to warn you.

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