Why a Business Should Blog

The guys dig into some reasons why you and really any business should be doing at least some blogging. They dig into some reasons why, some ideas on what to blog about and much more.

Some of the stats that Dave mentioned from the infographic/article below:

  • Visitors – The average company that blogs receive 55% more website visitors
  • SEO benefit – Companies who blog receive 97% more links to their website.
  • Brand awareness – 70% of consumers learn about a company through articles rather than ads.

In terms of a few ways to leverage the work and what is written on a blog.

  • Reuse it in emails
  • Reuse it on various social networks (Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, etc.)
  • Make it into a video
  • Make it into a photo/infographic
  • Online and Offline FAQ or Customer Support
  • And More!

So reasons to help you be found, ways to reuse and leverage content multiple times, answering or helping prospects and clients. There is a long list of other reasons, tips on what to blog about, and even more in the podcast episode that we didn’t mention here!

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