How to Make the Best Content In the World

Mat is giving a talk with Kevin Gibbons of BlueGlass at the Zenith Social Media Marketing Conference in late April. This episode is part session preview and part new material as we dug into some content marketing case studies that you won’t hear at the conference from Mat. We also go beyond those case studies and talk one off projects, scheduling, breaking an infographic apart and much more.

Content Marketing Case Study
The guys dig into what was done well and could have been done better for one example. They also give a number of ideas on how to really squeeze as much value out of whatever content (visual or otherwise) that you can. Do you use email to promote your content? We suggest you listen for some creative ideas on how to better leverage email!

Kevin Gibbons

We asked Kevin to give us a quick teaser about his portion of the session and here is what he had to say: “I’m looking forward to sharing how to make your content marketing REALLY work, with a data-driven approach to achieving real world results”.

The full session description:

How to Make the Best Content In the World (perfect for marketing YOUR business)

Speakers: Matt Siltala (Visual) & Kevin Gibbons (Data)

Kevin and Matt are two of the finest content marketers in the world. One marketer is more visual, and the other very data-led. You will see case studies, learn best practices and walk away from this session feeling like you have a better grip on creating content that will actually do something (leads, sales, traffic, links, community, shares, etc.). In other words – YOU WILL BE PUMPED LEAVING THIS SESSION, ready to do your own thing!!!

The image example that Mat talked about from Anthony @ Pubcon Florida here is what was handed out:

Episode 46 – How to Make the Best Content In the World Mentioned Tools & Resources

Here are some quick links and below is the infographic that Mat talked about as well (or visit Woozy Moo!).

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Ways to Empower Our Girls

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