Podcasting Best Practices & Lessons

To celebrate our first year of podcasting (plus or minus a few weeks) we thought now was a great time to look back at our first 42 episodes. Also to show that even after a year we ran into sound issues due to an unstable VOIP connection so even after a year we are still trying to overcome technical issues that popup out of nowhere.

So hit play on this episode and follow along as the guys review what has worked, not worked, and some of what they have learned from their podcasting the past year!

Some of the topics the guys dig into include:

  • Format – Guests vs. No Guests
  • Frequency and Recording
  • Basic Podcast Gear Setup
  • Online Recording Tools
  • Why you should podcast vs blogging (or in combination with blogging)
  • And much more!

Like with any format – written, video, audio or any mix of them they take time and practice. So for those that listen every week we thank you. For those that are new today or in the future we also thank you!

E43 – Podcasting Best Practices & Lessons Tools and Resources

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E43 – Podcasting Best Practices & Lessons Hosts:

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