How to Talk to Strangers at a Conference

In this episode Mat & Dave dig into “best practices” for when and how to approach speakers at a conference. Many of the tips could also be applied for talking to anyone at a networking event, meetup or anywhere at a conference as well though. In Episode 6 we covered What is the Long Term Value of Networking (Events) and in Episode 19 we dug into Surviving & Conquering Pubcon which both should also help you get value from networking events and conferences.

One tip that was brought up was the “bathroom run” we shall call it. Often speakers and attendees even get caught in quick breaks between sessions and might be making a run for a restroom break. They could also be running for a quiet spot/hotel room to take a call! However the tip is that if you see a male or female walking with a purpose, take note of where they might be heading and keep that in mind should they not have time to spare.

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