Visual Content Trends for 2018

As we really get into 2018 we wanted to talk about Visual Content trends popular in 2017 and what to expect in 2018. Mat is the man for this topic as talks almost monthly somewhere in the world on the topic and Avalaunch produces a ton of visual content for clients. So what are they seeing from clients? What is working? What is popular or going to be popular?

While the guys cover more than this, here is what you can expect to hear about in this episode:

  • Infographics and the evolution (you need to think of reuse)
  • 360 video and anything to leverage video like VR
  • Live streaming and Youtube video along with Instagram & Snapchat
  • Think of cool photography like drones!

Episode 35 Resources & Tools

Want to see a bigger version of the cat infographic? Of course you do! Check out Matt’s other presentations as well or check back to look for ones from 2018.

E35 – Visual Content Trends for 2018 Hosts:

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