Things to do for SEO First in 2018

There are always things that can be done on and off a site to improve SEO but to get the new year started (2018) we wanted to give you a few important things to focus on. Honestly these items are likely things that any person in SEO has likely been suggesting for the past few years but that is all the more reason for you to make sure you are doing these things.

  1. Mat’s Bonus Item: Be the solution. Answer questions that people ask with some type of content. Make the goal of your site and marketing to solve a problem for someone.
  2. Set Weely Meeting Reminder(s) for Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) – Ask a question about a page, a service/product, or a goal and see if you can understand and find some insights. Do you ever look at the things people search for on your site? Set 1-2 meetings (to reserve the time) a week and try and make sure at least one of them happens.
  3. Google Search Console (GSC) and Google Analytics (GA) – Leverage GSC and GA and review all your product/service pages – do they rank? Do they convert to leads and sales? Think of some tests or ways to improve contnent or Title/Metas – so often people never touch these pages. This is similar to #1 but listen to the show and get some details!
  4. Citations & Reviews aka Google Yourself – Look and review Local Citations but also dig into all the sites where you have reviews. Do you know all of them? Do you respond? Do you not have any? In the episode we give some additional ideas for this item.
  5. HTTPS and Mobile – I dont agree with HTTPS for every site but if you collect data or anything you really should have been HTTPS some time ago anyways.

Episode 34 Mentioned Tools & Resources

Here are some of the resources, links, and the recent Avalaunch Media blog post that we talked about in this episode. If we missed any just let us know!

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