Setting Business Goals for a New Year

The TL/DL version of what we talked about is this:

  • What is Your Elevator Pitch?
  • What is Your Mission Statement?
  • Who Gets Involed with Setting Goals?
  • Who is in and When do You have Strategy Sessions?

For those still reading – awesome! The list of items is the main points we covered from the angle of a 40 person business, a small 2-5 person business and someone doing their solo thing. While it isnt the most fun thing to do (so says Dave) but it is important to the longevity of the business and to help those not making decisions at the top to understand where the company is going or what they should really focus on in a given day/week/month/quarter/year.

Episode 33 Mentioned Task Management Tools & CRMs

This week we had a ton of apps and solutions we use or have used over the years. Most of the solutions are for task or project management and for lead/business dev organization. If you use something different feel free to drop it in the comments below as this list itself isnt a full list of the solutions we use or have used.

E33 – Setting Business Goals for a New Year Hosts:

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