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This episode is a story filled one from start to finish. Dave gets the party started with his long lost love for Pepsi and Mat wraps things up with a great story around the stained glass that you see below. And in the middle they dig into how and why you should pay attention to Social Media not only for news updates but to catch people reaching out to your and your competitors. So if you are on the fence about spending time monitoring review sites and social media sites we strongly suggest you give a listen to this episode as we think there are more than enough reasons in it to convince you!

Social Media Customer Service Stats

  • 1 in 3 social media users prefer social media customer care services to telephone or email
  • Customers spend 20-40% more with companies engage and respond to customers via social media
  • An estimated 67% of consumers now use social media networks like Twitter and Facebook to seek resolution for issues

Note: The awesome Introvert image is from Introvert Doodles book (currently available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble) so do check it out if you are impressed with the image.

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