E200 – Thank You

We would like to thank all of you have listened to one, 3, 30 or lots of our episodes. Hopefully we entertained for 20 minutes and taught you something along the way as well each week for the past 4 or so years.

We would also like to thank the awesome 47 guests that we had and even those we tried to have on and just couldn’t make schedules work.

Again to all that shared our tweets, listened, told others about the show, or supported us in any way over the past four years:

We Thank you.

  • Dave & Mat

Full Transcript

Mat Siltala: Welcome to another exciting episode of the business of digital podcast, featuring your host, Matt and Dave roar. Hey guys, excited to have you join us on this, uh, business of digital episode, uh, grateful for you all. And, uh, Dave, I don’t know if I just jumped right into it and uh, let let everyone know, but, uh, yeah.

Hey guys, we want to let you know that, uh, episode 200 that you’re listening to right now is our last and final episode of this podcast. So we just want to say thank you all until further notice. Yes. And we can put that little asterisk in there.

[00:00:43] Dave Rohrer: Site’s going to remain up. All episodes will remain up for at least a few years.

I’m going to host them. It’ll all be up. So,

[00:00:52] Mat Siltala: and speaking of a few years, it’s been a good few years. We were talking about it. It’s between four and five years that we’ve been doing this. And, uh, you know, you were

[00:01:00] Dave Rohrer: April, 2017. I think it was when we uploaded the first.

[00:01:03] Mat Siltala: Oh, wow. So yeah, it’s been awhile. And uh, I thought you, you know, with what we were talking about before we started recording, I thought that was interesting about, you know, like, let’s go and check out some of the major shows that we like or whatever, like how many episodes have they done or whatever.

And a 200 is a pretty good run. And, uh, I just wonder

[00:01:23] Dave Rohrer: TV shows. We’re not a TV show or at all at all.

[00:01:28] Mat Siltala: Oh yeah. But, uh, but yeah, I just wanted to, you know, thank you Dave, for, you know, you and I had a conversation about this, uh, many years ago and we both kind of agreed that we, again, anyone that has been listening to the show forever, they know that we hate writing and that’s why.

Started this show, but so much easier, so much easier rate full this way. Oh, it is. I love it. And I’m grateful for you that you kind of pushed me into, into making it happen as well and doing this. And so thank you, sir, for all that you’ve done for this podcast and all the effort that you put into it to make it what it was.

It has been my pleasure being a co-host of the show with you.

[00:02:09] Dave Rohrer: So thank you, sir. And thank you to all the guests we’ve had. I don’t know the number off the top of my head, but I can probably figure that out as I’m rambling about how many guests we’ve had from our first one to our last one, which who was Mr.

Cushing? I think, I think any was technically our last guest then. And our first guest was, um, Allison.

[00:02:38] Mat Siltala: Hm.

[00:02:39] Dave Rohrer: I think it was well, this and Stratton I think was our first guest. Oh, wow. I believe,

[00:02:45] Mat Siltala: um, my guess would have been Melissa, but you’re probably

[00:02:48] Dave Rohrer: right. I think Melissa was one of the first it’s like one of the first, but so far, we’ve had 49. That includes us. So 46.

[00:02:57] Mat Siltala: So, you know, as I was thinking about this, like I knew that the show was coming on and, and I got to say, it’s been kind of bittersweet for me.

Um, you know, I, I definitely know that it’s time for this and you’re busier than ever. And, uh, things have definitely changed on my end. And so like, um, it’s definitely the right time, but it’s bittersweet because I really have enjoyed this, but it got me thinking back about just all the different episodes and the stuff that we’ve talked about in the good times.

You know, one of them that, that keeps coming to mind, you know, that series that we did with the old school SEO’s and our conversation with Bowser. And, um, that was probably like one of my favorite episodes. And I don’t mean to offend any of the guests that we had on because they were all awesome. And they’re all close friends, but just that one, just sitting there and reminiscing and just, you know, the old school days, the whole series was fun.

Oh, that, yeah, exactly. The whole thing. Um, everybody that we talked to on that one, like, I love all those people and, uh, that was just a good time. And so, you know, anyone that’s hearing this for the first time, or if this happens to be your first episode, listening to this, go back and check out some of those, those were fantastic episodes,

[00:04:09] Dave Rohrer: right?

Because it’s the cause that was the hundredth episode series. It’s funny. Cause I just was trying to look through them. In the backend of the WordPress, it just, that was came up. So, yeah, so we did, um, SEO with Bowser. We did digital marketing with Matt Magee. Link-building with Debra . Uh, PPC with Mr. Banks, Jim banks, over in the UK.

That was another fun

[00:04:33] Mat Siltala: one right there

[00:04:34] Dave Rohrer: talking about old school PPC stuff. Yeah. Um, and talking about spamming and jamming with Deborah, and we talked about spamming and jamming with Mr. Bowser as well. Um, and then we talked about, um, digital ad innovation, um, and just like a lot of different marketing stuff with Dana Todd during that series as

[00:04:50] Mat Siltala: well was another fantastic

[00:04:51] Dave Rohrer: one.

It was like two year mark. So here we are just over four years and we hit, we hit two. So we’ve been cranking them out.

[00:05:01] Mat Siltala: Well, we have been for years

[00:05:03] Dave Rohrer: now. I

[00:05:04] Mat Siltala: know some of the most informative ones, like when we had that, uh, um, oh, I forget what her title was, but that, uh, you know, she worked in the government.

Um, oh, it’s I don’t know why my ma my mind’s drawing a blank, but it was with all the, like the, the, uh, copyright stuff and all that anyway. Or wait. No, not copyright. It was,

[00:05:29] Dave Rohrer: um, we talked with Ruth who was actually down in Phoenix. Um, about the copyright, about some of the copyright stuff.

[00:05:38] Mat Siltala: No, I’m trying to remember.

It was, um, the referral from, uh, Elmer. Um,

[00:05:45] Dave Rohrer: I, I suck with it.

[00:05:48] Mat Siltala: Yeah. Anyway, but those were all good ones. And, uh, anyway, I just, I, I really, you know, looking back. I’ve enjoyed everything I’ve learned. I’ve enjoyed all the guests. I’ve enjoyed our conversations and it’s been fun, man. And, and, and just, you know, the opportunities that it, uh, it brought us like we, we were asked on multiple occasions, Hey, come and share with the people in the audience, you know, at a conference, like come and share with people about your experiences of podcasting.

And would you recommend. What are your best practices? It gave us opportunity to be on a we’ve mentioned this before, but, you know, we did a big old guide for SIM rush on how to start a podcast. And so these were all like good opportunities. And, uh, you know, we got to meet a lot of people and, you know, I would just have random people message me on Twitter all the time and, and reply to stuff.

Hey, love the show. Or like they would reach out on LinkedIn, Hey, I heard this episode or, you know, and it was really good to meet and connect and, and. And have that network grow a little bit because of this. So,

[00:06:50] Dave Rohrer: and the person you were just talking about is Maureen Ohlhausen. She is, she was the, yeah, she was the, uh, former FTC chairman chairman.


[00:06:58] Mat Siltala: That was a very interesting one.

[00:07:00] Dave Rohrer: That was, yeah. I don’t think I’ve ever prepped more for, um, in interview between that one. And, um, when we did the two on, um, with the two with Steve Cernak. Yeah. Uh, antitrust. We did w we did one initially dug into Google. And then when we did the second one, like those three are probably the three where I spent the most time in way, way, way more than like the other 197 combined, um, doing my research for just between the two, because of questions, wanting to have questions, wanting to make sure that I covered everything we did cover and could cover.

Um, I probably did way more research. Way more because yeah, normally it’s like, oh, this really pissed me off. Let’s talk about this. Okay. Now we have to go this article and I found two others about it. That same thing. We should talk about this.

[00:07:58] Mat Siltala: Okay. Now you and I are just going to have to go back to ranting with each other on occasion.

[00:08:02] Dave Rohrer: Yeah. We’re just going to damn each other, like on Facebook and be like, this is why does this site.

[00:08:11] Mat Siltala: Well, I would just like to, you know, my, my final thing here, I just would like to, again, um, thank you Dave, but also just think everybody that’s ever listened to an episode or shared it, anything like that, or just guests, listeners, anybody, and anybody that’s made this happen and made, has made this enjoyable for Dave and I for the last several years, we appreciate it.

I appreciate it from the bottom of my. Um, I hope that you’ll continue to share episodes. I hope that it will continue to be something that educates you. I hope it’s something that continues to live on. Uh, originally we started this because we did want that mom and pop. We wanted them to listen to a conversation that we were having about certain topics, and we wanted them to be able to take that and be able to grow their business from it learned something from it, or at least do things better or learn from some of the mistakes that we.

Uh, over our courses. And so, yeah, so again, thank you all. Those are my final thoughts. Uh, anything you want to add to that, Dave?

[00:09:16] Dave Rohrer: Nope. Um, just thank you to all of our guests that have taken time over the last couple of years to join us change schedules, um, you know, put up with us, um, and thank you to anyone who’s ever shared something on Twitter.

Retweeted us shared an episode, mentioned us a link to it. Um, or, you know, if someone’s ever said, what podcasts do you listen to for marketing? And you said ours. Thank you. Um, but otherwise, yeah, just thank you for all, listening to us, ramble for, you know, 15 to 25 minutes every, uh, every week or so for the last four or five years.

You crazy

[00:09:53] Mat Siltala: people. Yes, indeed. And so again, guys, this will be the final time for, for the foreseeable future, but. Signing off. Uh, I met silt a little with avalanche media and we got Dave roar over there with Northside metrics. We’re still out and about doing our thing. And so make sure you always, uh, you know, you know where to always find us.

And so, um, again, thank you guys. And for the last time, we’ll see you guys later.