Death by PowerPoint

Matt talks about how bullet points kill kittens (or not). But what he and Dave do cover is a great Tedx talk and some tips on how not to suck at PowerPoint. Dave has spoken in front of a number of clients and at some 50+ sessions. Matt has likely talked at 200+ if not more times in front of audiences. The guys bring their past experiences and their own “work in progress” journey to being a better presenter to hopefully help you with your own presentations. So give a listen and be sure to watch the Tedx video to hopefully up your own PowerPoint and presentation game.

The Six Main Principles (from Tedx Talk)

  • One message (per slide)
  • No text Sentences
  • SIZE
  • Contrast – to steer focus
  • SIX or less objects (per slide)
  • Dark background

Episode 20 Mentioned Links & Resources

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