As always, the title may or may not be the best but hopefully it gives you an idea of what we tried to do and dig into!

Matt leads this episode and digs into some things and Dave joins him here and there but for some of the main things that they covered, here you go:

  • Business is inconsistent. From week to week and even day to day there are drops and pops in business for no reason. This seems especially true for restaurants.
  • Mailers – Matt notes that some restaurants have been testing mailer coupons and have seen an uptick due to those.
  • Newer businesses that just started and don’t have a community are struggling to find consistency in business.
  • Marketing agencies are seeing mixed results depending on their portfolio of clients. Those agencies that focused just on paid search, small businesses and/or those in the industries hit the most in recent months are struggling.
  • Matt noted that some agencies and businesses in general have seen a huge uptick, but it all depends on your industry (home workout, leisurewear, healthcare (obviously not all but many sub sectors)).
  • Online training and master classes is another example of an industry Matt has heard of things going quite well.

Dave joins and takes a more B2B approach in what he has been seeing.

  • Look at your education vs. product/service content. Look week to week, month to month, and year to year. Things are all over so it can be hard to make of it all but compare impressions of paid search and in Google Search Console.
  • If people are cutting budgets or out of work, how would that impact people searching for your product or service? You should see it in the data hopefully.
  • Look at conversion and deeper into data. Don’t just look at year over year, habits are currently different so no matter your business you just can’t compare YOY.
  • Adjust your offers and deals to work with how your customers are changing. Dave’s example is a place that he loves that changed their usual Tuesday pizza offer to work with carryout.

Full Transcript

Matt Siltala: [00:00:00] Welcome to another exciting episode of the business of digital podcast, featuring your host, Matt  and Dave roar. Hey guys, excited to have you join us on another business of digital podcast episode as always really grateful for this time that you invest in Dave and I, and I believe we got day over there somewhere.

We’re going to wave a day virtually. All right. My friend. Well, Uh, we were talking about, uh, this book, you know, before we started recording, as we do. And, um, I just thought everybody listening. I just thought that it would be a good opportunity to do a quote unquote state of the union. And I don’t really know if I like that title, but I thought it would be interesting to kind of give everybody a heads up as to like how things have been going on and, and just things that I’ve heard, things that Dave’s heard from businesses.

Clients we’ve worked with, um, just businesses that we [00:01:00] frequent restaurants, things like that. Um, the reason I had this thought to do this is because I was chatting with a couple local restaurant owners, places that I go to and frequent a lot in this area. And I was sharing with them some of the information from some of the other guys and, and just kind of like how things were and whatnot.

And, and a lot of them told me the same thing. They’re like, Oh, that’s. That’s really good to know. I’m glad that you told me that because I was wondering if like I was doing something wrong. I was wondering if something, you know, different was, was, uh, you know, things like that. And so, um, also some interesting things that I’ve learned that these guys have been doing, um, that have been continuing to drive.

A business to their site, which again, you know, like every state’s different right now there’s some that like have been able to open up and then there’s some places that have been ordered to shut back down. And so you’re always going to have to deal with those kinds of things, but, um, just [00:02:00] wanted to give you guys like, just things that I’ve heard and observed and things like that.

And so, um, I’ll just jump into it, Dave, and just, uh, with this, with the first ones, like just being the, the, the local restaurants, for example, Um, something interesting that I’ve found out from them is they have, um, they’ve told me that there’s really no rhyme or reason to when they’re busy and when they’re not busy.

And I, and I’ve been keeping for the last three months, if not longer, I’ve been keeping dedicated notes towards this one. And, uh, yeah, every week it’s different every single week. Um, they will tell me something like, Oh yeah, like. You know, we had really good, uh, you know, we have high hopes for, for things because, you know, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday were really strong.

And then the next week, Monday and Tuesday were really strong, but the weekend and the rest of the week was flat. Or, [00:03:00] and again, I like, I try to find out things like, well, has anything been done differently? And there are things that they’ve done on occasion that seemed to, to help on the weekends. Um, for example, um, and these things usually don’t work as well, but it’s kind of interesting during Corona virus time, it seems like they’ve been working better, but those melon fly or those, uh, Those Mellon fire things that you get, like in your inbox, um, your actual mailbox and, uh, like the coupon packs or whatever,

Dave Rohrer: [00:03:35] snail mail,

Matt Siltala: [00:03:36] snail mail.

Yes. But, uh, they’ve been signing up for those kinds of things and, you know, offering like 20% off or if you’re military so much off or veteran, whatever. And, uh, and that seems to be driving a little bit of traffic that they can. Um, kind of, you know, correlate too, but it’s interesting [00:04:00] that they’re, you know, at week after week that there’s not some sort of a pattern.

And so I’ve gone in a chatted with other business owners, restaurant owners, and they’ve pretty much told me the same thing. Um, there’s another local barbecue shop that just opened up a few months ago again, during all this. And so it’s been interesting. Um, and obviously some of these, you know, they’ve been building up a.

Clientele during this. And so that’s, that’s been tough too. They didn’t have the, the, uh, legacy, the legacy clientele, if you will. Um, but they told me the same thing, you know, um, and even ones that have been around for years. Um, Hey, the first half of this week was really strong. Second half was horrible and then complete opposites for the next few weeks.

And so, um, again, I don’t know if that’s similar to some of the stuff that you’ve heard, Dave. But I just thought it would be interesting for people to know. And it’s, you know, especially [00:05:00] the local mom and pops, these are the guys that are struggling the most, and they’re the ones that are trying to figure out, you know, how to stay in business.

And the they’re they’re dancing between skeleton crews and paying rent and things like that. And so, um, I dunno, and, and, and even more so on the other side of it, like I’ve heard from. Um, many friends, people that are in agencies and, um, in certain industries like that are booming. Um, there’ll be, uh, you know, a couple agency friends that I have agency owner, friends that I have that have talked about how like things have gone so well.

And then other ones that are, are laying off people and struggling. And I think Dave, you hit the nail on the head when you said what you said earlier, you know, it’s all about, um, the clientele or who it is, or she said something like that, but it’s basically it’s [00:06:00] it’s right. You know, it’s, it’s exactly right.

It’s it’s uh, it’s the portfolio, if you will. It’s it’s who, who are these guys, clients like, for example, there are certain industries that are. Absolutely booming right now. Um, things change, like I think about the mortgage industry. Okay. Uh, if you want your house refinanced, if you want, um, you know, lending, things like that, these in healthcare, obviously the, you know, anything healthcare related, a lot of these industries seem to be going really well.

Whereas you can imagine if you are in certain industries, like the tourism industry, Um, you know, especially with things continuing to be canceled or, or postponed or whatever, uh, things like that being, um, lessen, if you will. And so, [00:07:00] um, I don’t know, Dave, if you have any thoughts on that, um, or if you’ve seen anything different, but, uh, those are just some observations that I have, uh, up to now.

Dave Rohrer: [00:07:11] Yeah. A lot of my clients, not all of them are B2B. So it’s also interesting that will, anytime I’ve been looking to see, you know, how things are going, it’s, we’re looking at rankings, we’re looking at conversion points and stuff like that, but then it’s also a question of how much of the traffic that usually goes to like.

The educational blog, resources, white papers, and that kind of stuff. How much is that down, you know, week over week, month, over month, year, over year or up, um, versus your service and product, because it’s one thing, if people aren’t looking for your product, because they’re now furloughed. So not as many people need it.

Um, or maybe because people are furloughed, they do need you, or, you know, maybe you’re [00:08:00] a restaurant or a lawyer or. You know, lawn service or something, it, depending on your location and how the local businesses, maybe people have more time. So they’re, you know,

Matt Siltala: [00:08:12] spending more time, more time as you, you just made me think of like, for example, like those masterclasses, I’ve heard from so many people that have signed up and started doing like those masterclasses, whether it’s, how to do art or, or Lightroom or smoke a brisket better.

So when you said that, it just made me think of. Like that industry, that side of it’s probably been booming.

Dave Rohrer: [00:08:34] And I was doing, I think I talked about it before, but I was working in the, a workout space. So now for gyms, um, I think was it Gold’s gym or lifetime fitness or one of them was going bankrupt recently, but they were, um, more of an online, um, like.

You know, if you’re trying to buy dumbbells or something like that, I’m pretty sure that everyone’s [00:09:00] still waiting for Amazon to deliver them in August.

Matt Siltala: [00:09:02] Oh yeah.

Dave Rohrer: [00:09:03] Yeah. Well, you’re written out for

Matt Siltala: [00:09:05] whoever owns them and doesn’t want that stuff can make them money right now.

Dave Rohrer: [00:09:09] Yeah. So, you know, if you want to go make some money, go, go hit up some, uh, garage sales and whatnot, and then sell that stuff on eBay.

It was on in somewhere else.

Matt Siltala: [00:09:19] Oh, that’s crazy. Yeah.

Dave Rohrer: [00:09:20] But yeah, there’s certain industries that are just, you know, Completely bonkers. Um, and when I was doing the audit, they were actually seen in ridiculous spike. And I had to ask him, I was like, is this normal? Like what is going on? And it was just, you know, rankings had been the same and everything.

It’s just. Everyone’s suddenly wanted that compared to other, you know, so there might be, and I’d also be interesting, Matt, in longterm, certain purchases that people buy, you have to, you know, the buying cycle is not even a month or a couple days it’s months or years. [00:10:00] So for like an MRI or large equipment for, um, you know, even agencies when you’re planning out your head count and you’re planning that stuff out.

How much, how many desks do you need? How much office space do we need? Well, we do it. We need office space now. Um, all of that kind of stuff, if it’s really hard to plan. And I think for some companies not knowing where things are going to be, and what’s going to be open in a month. And, you know, like you said, for some agencies and some companies, if you support the travel industry, or if you support a different industry that is, you know, really taking a hit, um, You know, it’s hard to plan.

It’s hard to understand what’s going to go on. So you probably gonna affect other people.

Matt Siltala: [00:10:43] Well, think about all the different factors too. Like you made me think of something. For example, um, I have a friend that owns a lodge, um, lodge resort, whatever you want to call it in Alaska that we go to every year and, um, they were able to open [00:11:00] up.

And they had like a makeshift June schedule, but they were supposedly supposed to be opened up for whoever wanted to traveling July. And then Alaska goes and set some rules for like quarantine. I mean, or like you have to ma have a mandatory coronavirus test before they let you enter or something like that.

Well then there are some people that booked those trips that are like, well, I don’t want to do that. Like, and so I’m going to cancel it. I don’t want to have to be forced to do this or where I’m at or what it might be, but like, so like there’s not just. Like, there’s not just the normal factors that we’ve been dealing with, then there’s like that kind of stuff.

That’s on top of it. That’s different between state to state and industry, to industry and different types of tourism. Does that make sense? What I’m saying? Like it’s interesting to see how that’s different or changes.

Dave Rohrer: [00:11:46] Yeah. Well, Chicago just passed something that says, if you’re coming from one of these hotspots, you have to spend probably.

Yeah. Which, you know, if you’re a hotel in downtown Chicago, we were probably like, Oh sweet. Now you have to stay here for two weeks.

Matt Siltala: [00:11:59] Yeah, that’s [00:12:00] true. That’s what I kept thinking about like Hawaii, when they’re doing the mandatory 14 day, I’m like, all those resorts are like sweet. Oh, darn.

Dave Rohrer: [00:12:08] Oh, darn. I will hate to go to Hawaii for two weeks,

Matt Siltala: [00:12:11] plus.


Dave Rohrer: [00:12:13] Just and just saying, if someone wants to send me to Hawaii for two weeks,

Matt Siltala: [00:12:18] it’s a long

Dave Rohrer: [00:12:18] flight though. At least from here it is. Um, yeah.

Matt Siltala: [00:12:22] Yeah. It’s,

Dave Rohrer: [00:12:23] you know, yeah. It’s just all over and I actually rarely do we do this, but I already know the next podcast that’s going to be on after this. And we’re going to be talking about, um, digital shelf space, um, Twitch Matt’s like what?

Um, I haven’t really explained what that is. I don’t know. I won’t get into it, but it’s,

Matt Siltala: [00:12:43] I

Dave Rohrer: [00:12:43] won’t say I term I coined it, but, um, I don’t, I just don’t hear it a lot, but I think depending on your business and what you do, start taking a look at what you can and look at your data. Um, but the problem with that is going to be it’s really hard.

And [00:13:00] I usually tell people not to look week over week, but you almost have to in this case, because looking at year after year over year it’s so not the same, like normally it’s a good indicator because like we had July 4th or. You know, mother’s day and father’s day and all this other stuff going on, you know, people’s habits change.

And some people are not home or they’re actually have been taking some vacations the last week or so it seems based on everything I’ve seen on Facebook and Twitter, but, you know,

Matt Siltala: [00:13:35] I’d be really curious, you know, when you’re talking about looking at that data year over year, like I’d be interested to see.

Like, for example, like pizza delivery, um, like, was there a huge increase in that for like all the local delivery spots? Or was it the same or was it average? You know what I mean?

Dave Rohrer: [00:13:54] Well, and one of my clients, despite COVID is still up five [00:14:00] times traffic year over year, but we’re actually down from before.

So, you know, looking at year over year, it looks good. But if we look at where we really should be by a month or so ago, so, you know, when we start talking about the state of the union and you know, you could, you said it when it’s probably gonna stick and I apologize, um, to you and everyone else, cause we’re actually might call it that, but start looking at your data and look at it a little bit differently than you normally do.

Like. What are conversions, how much traffic is down on the site? Traffic foot traffic is down in the store. Your average order might be up, or it might be down, but look more day to day, week to week than you normally would. Um, instead of, you know, year over year and go, wow. You know, this time last year we were really crushing it because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Everything is. And I hate to say everything has changed, but everyone’s habits right now are different. Well, [00:15:00] yeah. And how they’re going to interact with you, depending on where you are, what you are, is going to be different

Matt Siltala: [00:15:07] and, and pay attention to that in terms of like the simple things, for example, like, I’m glad that you said that.

Cause it made me think of, um, for example, one of these that I I’ve been dealing with, I asked them all the time, like, well, what’s the percentage of people that are actually coming in and dining in versus takeout because you’re allowed to come in and dine in with social distancing, still in this certain place.

And, uh, they said it was still about 70% take out to 30% that are wanting to dine in. And so I’m thinking, okay, well, if I have only about 30% of the customers coming in that want to dine in, then I’m going to still be focusing all my like marketing efforts, or if I am doing those mailers or, or, um, anything online, my social posts, whatever it might be, I’m going to be catering to those people that are still taking out, because that seems to be what.

They’re wanting to do right now. Now when that’s flips, like down the road and, [00:16:00] and, uh, you know, let’s say it’s 70, 30 the other way, then I might start to think about, okay, well, I’m going to start making my focus more on helping them have that in that better in dining experience, so to speak or whatnot.

And so I think you have to pay attention to stuff like that as well. Dave and

Dave Rohrer: [00:16:16] I get an email newsletter from this one place that the wife’s and I really wish we lived closer to again, um, really good food, really good pizza and stuff. They torment the two of us, because we still refuse to get off their email list.


Matt Siltala: [00:16:31] a,

Dave Rohrer: [00:16:32] Oh, they have really good chicken parm too. And like, I, I, there was a thing recently where they, they offered, it was like buy one, get one half off or something. And I was like, Oh, um, but they changed one of their pizza deals. Normally it’s like half off pizza on Tuesdays, but it requires you to have a drink.

They actually have changed it up a little bit for carry out and they’re offering some modified version of that just for that day on [00:17:00] Tuesdays. It’s something about pizza on Tuesdays.

Matt Siltala: [00:17:03] So trying to compete with taco Tuesday now. Good

Dave Rohrer: [00:17:06] luck. But you can have taco Tuesday on a Wednesday or a Monday

Matt Siltala: [00:17:10] or any day.

Dave Rohrer: [00:17:11] Really? Any day’s a good taco

Matt Siltala: [00:17:13] if it’s you and me any day.

Dave Rohrer: [00:17:15] True. But yeah. I mean, they have, because of what you were just saying, that they still want, people still want, that offers people. Like if you were ever going there on a Tuesday, everyone’s getting pizza. So for them to keep that volume and that day going, they’ve just modified that offer.

And it’s actually changed on the website. It’s changed in the emails and what they send out. So, you know, they’re just rolling with this, you know, crap.

Matt Siltala: [00:17:43] Well, I will say a couple of other things I’ve noticed and just to give hinter pointers, whatever, to anyone else that might be listening to this that might need these little bit of help.

This will be kind of my final thoughts on this too, Dave. But, um, I have noticed that, um, when these, when these guys are [00:18:00] more social, when they’re posting more to their social media, whatever it, you know, having Instagram stories, um, Doing live broadcast sharing deals, sharing new, like for example, this one place introduced a new, um, sandwich on their menu and it’s what customers have been asking for forever.

And I know that they mentioned it. And so like, I remember reading through the comments and they’re like, Oh, I’ve been waiting for this forever. And we’re going to come in today. And so like those that have been more active on social, those that have done contests, like I know that. Like their biggest interacted, their biggest interactions have been when they’ve had these contests and they’re offering something free that literally costs them, probably a buck, but yet they’re getting all this interaction and people are like, I’m coming in for that.

Like, I like a lot of people are like, man, you, you put that on there. And I hope I win it, but I’m going to come in and get it tonight anyway, because like you made me want it. And so it’s just like, stuff like that. I would say just. Keep it in [00:19:00] the forefront, do your best to interact with your community, do your best to I’m just do everything you can to, to stick through it.

Like pay attention, all the stuff that Dave and I just talked about, pay attention to those kinds of things and adjust and do what you need. And, you know, hopefully, hopefully you’re going to survive and I would love Dave and I would love to hear any other stories or anything that’s been unique or different from what we’ve shared or what we’ve seen or these experiences.

Would love to hear, um, comments in the, uh, or we’d love to have comments like these, you know, sharing us, uh, industries that you’ve seen that have been really well or, um, interesting things that you’ve learned or anything like that. We’d love to hear about it and share with us and, and, uh, you know, feel free more than film, more than free to reach out to us, whether it’s on Twitter.

Social Instagram comments on the blog, whatever. So any final thoughts there, Dave, for wrap up?

Dave Rohrer: [00:19:55] Uh, if you didn’t or you forgot about [00:20:00] our, our episode, I don’t know how many it was. I go now three weeks ago, four weeks ago, where we talked about community and building it, that would be, or, you know, just. Read the transcript or give it a quick listen at 200 speed, but go just for the quick reminder of, yeah.

You should always be building that community and there’s, I know this will shock you, but there was a brewery local that I really love. They did something, they did it for one type of beer for father’s day, where it was $20 off a case, which is like ridiculous. For a craft beer place to do that. They did it again like a week ago.

And so I was like, well, I really don’t need more beer, but

Matt Siltala: [00:20:43] when it’s 20, 20,

Dave Rohrer: [00:20:44] $20 off of that, yeah. It basically was way too cheap for me not to go and get some

Matt Siltala: [00:20:50] yeah, perfect example. That’s what I’m saying.

Dave Rohrer: [00:20:54] You know how I saw it? I saw it on Facebook and I saw it on Instagram.

Matt Siltala: [00:20:57] There you go. What I was just saying, so, yep.

[00:21:00] All right guys. Well, we appreciate everyone listening to us. Um, as always, if you have the opportunity to go to Google play or iTunes or any of the favorite places that you use to listen to us and go give us a five star rating. We appreciate that. And as always, uh, for Dave with Northside metrics, I met socially with avalanche media and thanks for joining us guys.


Dave Rohrer: [00:21:21] Thanks.

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