E155 – Leadership Series

Leadership Podcast Series

Just over a year ago we did a 100th Episode Series where we talked to 5 great guests about various digital marketing channels and how they have evolved over the past 20+ years. This year we thought we would do a similar series but instead focus on something more “practical” to our listeners.

So the next few episodes are going to be some great talks, a bit longer than our normal episodes but each one is really going to focus on a situation and leadership.

We hope you enjoy them as much we enjoyed making them!

Leadership Series Guests & Episodes

  1. Building and Hiring Digital Teams W/ Sean McGinnis
  2. Managing Marketing Teams W/ Lauren Vaccarello
  3. Leadership & Growth W/ Amanda Orson
  4. Leadership & Teams W/ Mark Barrera

The order honestly is just the way we recorded them. So if you start with the first or last or one in the middle it doesn’t really matter. For the rest of June be sure to check back here or your podcast player of choice 2-3 times a week to catch all the episodes.


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