In short we are not saying DON’T do digital marketing or to cut all or much of what you are doing but to measure, step back, ask questions, adjust, repeat. Online can drive offline and offline can drive online and whatever you do make sure you are measuring it. Give a listen to our episode with Damon where we talked about Ways any Business Can Measure Paid Search & Social Offline.

Nike, Adidas and Shoe Game

Not shocking to Dave that Mat has discovered there is such a thing as ShoeCon. Dave is more shocked Mat hasnt yet attended!

As far as some revelations from Adidas about some issues of what and how they measured their marketing in the past. Some 4-5 years ago Adidas was focused on efficiency over effectiveness and some specific KPIs. So their super focus on short term campaign performance over brand performance in the long term wasn’t the best option for them… and might not be for you too.

Meanwhile here is Under Armor doing a webinar with their (?) agency on digital but they are having issues per CNBC that shows that overall sales and an accounting probe are hurting stock which is mentioned in this CNBC story, meanwhile Nike is crushing everything.

Volo and Car Market

Similar to what Adidas realized was Volvo stating that they too were going back to long term brand building over digital performance metrics. Note that they aren’t stopping digital

Brand Building (Online & Offline)

Mat talks about two local restaurants to him that both have long lines daily but one is not active or really even found online while the other is crushing it with their posts on Social Media. So who is right? Is the one correct to not spend time on social since they are already super busy or is the one that is posting and spending time?

Conferences, product placements, getting on your local news/TV morning show – these all have value but what is that value? Mat and Dave each give a few examples of why doing these offline brand building may be as valuable or more valuable then your performance marketing.

As much as Dave loves data, do look at the long term and build a brand and not just drive sales/leads today. The goal is to be in business for years, not weeks or months.

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