Mat kicks off the review with talking about podcasting and for those interested in podcasting he drops a mention to our Podcasting Guide.

2019 Most Popular Podcast Episodes

While we likely missed some, Dave quickly went through some handy data to give you a list of some our more popular episodes. If you missed them or perhaps forgot what they were about feel free to go back and listen!

2019 Digital Predictions

In 2018 we wrapped up the year with our predictions and both Dave and Mat had at least one correct (go us!).

  • Mat was correct about people answering questions more
  • Dave was correct about AI & Paid Search

Of course we were pretty vague but hey, we will take it.

2019 Personal Faves

2020 Predictions (Kind of)

  • Mat:
    • More people (kids especially) moving to social networks like Reddit and TikTok
    • Pelaton and Aviation Gin ads will be talked about and find their way into every deck at conferences one way or another
    • Some agencies are going to struggle with the change coming
    • Privacy and legal ramifications for things like CCPA, ADA and more
    • Mat predicts more Conference PopUp events.
  • Dave:
    • CCPA, GSPR and California’s ADA requirements are all going to hit or be bigger in 2020
    • Google, Amazon, and Facebook will not be broken up but there will be more scrutiny around Ads and the 3 in general.
    • Political Ads in FB and Twitter will be in the news more and impact us.
    • Privacy – YouTube, Instagram and so on will also blow up and also impact marketers.

E130 – 2019 Year in Review Podcast Hosts:

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