Alternative Ideas to Using Stock Photography

In this episode, the guys talk about some reasons to avoid stock photography and some alternatives to using it. Stock photography is great and can fill in gaps for category pages, service pages, and landing pages but often it is over used and not the best choice for most companies. Mr. Photography Mat gives some tips and suggests some ways to take your own photos so that you can own your own content and leverage the photos across every channel. From owning your own photos, to having brand consistency, to showing who the people behind the business are, and to avoiding lawsuits there are many reasons to take your own photos. Lastly the guys tell about a recent story (link below) of a photographer that went against a company that was using his photos on their social channels without paying or permission – just another reason to take your own photos whenever you can.

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Here are some examples of where you can find some (Unsplash and more), when Hollywood gets involved (Vince Vaughn), and the article that spurred the idea for this episode.

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