Missing Obvious Clues

As we said in the opening, there are a number of possible names for this episode but we think we picked the “best” one – or maybe we didnt.

In the episode we misspoke when we said Facebook’s CFO as it appears it was Paypal’s former CFO that was having issues this past week with Bank of America. That said, Google and Facebook do often close advertising accounts with no or little notice and often gives little direction as to why it can be frustrating for business owners and agencies.

Google Said …””… says the Client

Those of us that work at agencies or as consultants so often hear someone say “well Google said we should do X for Y” but so often the example or specific case that someone from Google was addressing really is not at all similar to the one you are working with your client on.

Should I follow best time to post studies?

No, no you shouldn’t. Test when to push your social media posts live. Test when to publish your blog posts. Test when to publish your podcast episodes. Test which and when to pay to promote them on Facebook. Test how long your content should be or short. Use studies and “best practices” as a starting point but test things for your company and your industry as they will likely be different (and very different in some cases).

Stop and Listen. Ask More Questions

When you are talking to someone in your company or with a client we need to stop and listen. Marketing is a puzzle, we need to ask lots of questions.

When your coworkers start talking about a new goal, campaign or project don’t just ask what their KPI they care about is but go deeper into what they are trying to achieve and how they are going about it.

Ask more questions. Question their motives. Ask what they are trying to do and where they really are trying to get long term. Keep asking questions and listen to what they say and don’t say.

There are Unknowns. Lots of Them.

Matt digs into a recent ad campaign that had little money and some mocked but the number of news agencies and people that constantly were talking about it recently have to make you stop and think – maybe this was the goal? Maybe they just wanted to keep it simple and thought maybe they would get free press. Maybe its purely an accident – we don’t know.

Dave talks through how we often look to copy all the features and layout of what someone is doing with a landing page. Just because company X is sitting at #1 on Bing/Google for paid ads, it doesn’t mean that that page is converting really well and we shouldn’t just blindly follow them and copy things. We don’t know anything behind that page or campaign and need to test things on our own.

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