Marketing Isn’t Magic But..

Puzzles are everywhere and we humans seem to love them – marketers and developers perhaps love them a bit more. This episode idea came to Dave from watching some Chris Ramsay and recently a deep dive into David Copperfield’s biggest illusions.

Many of us went to school or had careers prior to getting into Digital Marketing but somehow “fell” into what we do now.

For many the allure of the challenge of increasing ROI, of improving CTR, of getting more engagement, of getting that #1 ranking drives us and the challenge to solve the puzzle keeps our brain thinking and engaged.

The flip side to the puzzle is how it changes each day. We humans love change and challenges but even more is how much we crave routines and even why we crave them.

Never Ending Change in Marketing

We humans are also great at adapting. Think of your own social media habits when you started on Twitter or Facebook and what your habits are now? Customers and prospects move from one search engine to another and from one site or social network to another.

Are people moving away influencers just as marketers are getting there in some industries?

If you are someone that has done SEO for any period of time you will know that Technical SEO, Link Building, Local SEO, etc. has all changed and will keep changing. This constant change keeps us engaged and on our toes but also risks burning us out on the never ending change.

Avoiding Burnout by Saying No

Dave talks about a recent prospect call where he admits that there are things he says No to as he just can’t do/know it all. With there being 50 puzzles (Paid Social, Social, Technical SEO, Local SEO, etc.) that create a larger puzzle (Digital Marketing) that roll into a larger one (Marketing) and that keep going up there is only so much each of us can do (or know).

Chris Ramsay Solving Mécanigma Puzzle Box by NKD

BERT Puzzle

With BERT being talked about so much and us mentioning it too – here is a great resource to dig into BERT.

Career Burnout in Digital Marketing

The guys dig into burnout for those that have been in “digital marketing” for 15, 20 and even 25 years.

Influencer Klout Walk Back

Matt makes mention of a post by Cameron Olthuis and an influencer. If you want to read it all you can here.

What About You?

What part of the puzzles keep you going or that burn you out? Is the daily challenges and changes a good thing for you or do you find yourself getting burned out?

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